RAL K7 Classic Fan Deck

When comparing the RAL K7 Classic fan deck on our website with the larger RAL K5 Classic color fan deck, it is clear that both fans include all 213 RAL Classic colors. Where the difference between buying this fan deck and the other one is in the size and the number of displayed color illustrations per fan page.

The RAL K7 Classic fan uses five smaller color illustrations per fan page and does not use a full fan page for each color. Which would be the case when choosing a RAL K5 Classic color fan where only one color per fan page is displayed.

Providing this range of colors is ideal for quickly checking or choosing colors on the go, according to the RAL Classic international color system based on a four-digit color coding. Since these fans are very popular in Europe and the world, all color names are shown as well in German, French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.


  • Dimensions: size (5 x 10 cm), color illustrations (2 x 5 cm)
  • Five colors per fan page
  • Finish: glossy
  • Includes all 213 different RAL Classic colors
  • Possibility to personalize this fan with your own logo etc.