PANTONE PLUS+ | Starter Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated

Guaranteed to inspire the Starter Guide is perfect for students and designers that are just starting out. The Starter Guide contains 543 colours selected from all the Pantone Plus Series Libraries. Designed to highlight the convenience and easiness of Pantone Colour guide the Starter Guide provides colour samples of Pantone Pastels, Neons and Solid colours on both coated and uncoated text weight paper as well as Premium and Classic Metallics on coated stock.

The Pantone Starter Guide which is formatted in a fan-like design is chromatically arranged per colour family. Each colour is identified with its unique Pantone Colour number, and ink mixing formulations have are also provided. All the colours are formulated using the fourteen Pantone primary colour inks except the metallics which include a metallic base. The colours bleed on two sides for extra accuracy. The Premium Metallics are formulated with coatable, non-leafing inks and can be coated with UV or Aqueous coatings without losing colour quality. The Starter Guide includes the Pantone Color Manger software which can be downloaded and used in all your digital designs.


  • 543 selected colours from all Pantone Plus Series Libraries
  • Neons coated and uncoated
  • Pastels coated and uncoated
  • Premium metallic coated
  • Classic Metallics coated
  • Solid colours coated and uncoated
  • Easy to use fan-like design
  • Colours bleed for added accuracy
  • Chromatically arranged
  • Each colour has unique Pantone colour code and ink formulation guide
  • All colours mixed using a base of 14 Pantone colour inks
  • Colours bleed for added accuracy

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