PANTONE PLUS+ | Solid Guide Set

This compact and portable Solid Guide set is a comprehensive set of samples of market driven Pantone colours. The colours bleed on two sides for accurate matching when placed on top of printed works, and each guide includes a lighting indicator to check the correct lighting conditions.

Colours are sorted in chromatic order, and each colour has a unique Pantone colour code and ink mixing formula. All the colours are printed in a uniform thickness colour film and are printed on industry acceptable text weight paper. Some of the guides have coated and uncoated samples to give you an accurate final look of your colour palette. The Pantone Colour Manager Software is included in your guide set for free, giving you access to update your digital colour libraries fo when you are doing digital designs. If you want to be assured of accuracy from inspiration to selection to final product, you will not be disappointed.


  • Set of five guides
  • Formula guide with 1867 solid colours and ink formulations, on coated and uncoated stock
  • Metallic guide with 301 coated metallic colours and ink formulations
  • 300 Premium Metallic colours and formulations, coated
  • 154 Pastels and 54 neons, coated and uncoated
  • Includes free Pantone Colour Manager Software

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