PANTONE PLUS+ | Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated

The two binder, coated and uncoated Pantone Plus Series Solid Chips set includes 112 new colours conveniently placed in the front of the binder. The complete set contains 1867 solid Pantone matching colour system colours. The individual colour chips can be removed and attached to the colour palette and sent anywhere in the world for accurate colour representation. The colour chips bleed off three edges for added matching accuracy.

The pages are arranged in chromatic order so you can quickly locate the colours you need. The internationally recognized Pantone colours are formulated with a uniform ink film thickness, and each colour is clearly marked with unique Pantone colour. Having coated and uncoated chips make it easy to demonstrate the exact colour effect.With six tear-out chips per colour and pages that are fully replaceable, you will never be short of inspiration or colour samples when working on a design or colour palette. For best results use in conjunction with a lighting indicator and as recommended by Pantone, replace your chip sets annually to ensure the accuracy of color matching.


  • Two books
  • Coated and uncoated
  • 1867 solid Pantone Matching colour system Colours
  • Includes 112 new colours
  • Seven colours per page
  • Six colour chips per colour
  • Colour chips 7/8” x 1-1/8.”
  • Chips are perforated for easy tear-out
  • Pages are replaceable
  • Colours bleed off three edges of chip for easy matching and accuracy
  • Colours are specially formulated with uniform ink film thickness

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