PANTONE PLUS+ | Formula Guide Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated

The handy Pantone Formula Guide contains 1867 Pantone colours on coated and uncoated paper, including the 112 new Pantone colours. Every designer should have this convenient, portable tool on hand. Colours are arranged chromatically in an easy to use fan-like format to match and evaluate colours accurately and without hassle. The colours bleed on two sides for precision matching when placed on printed works. Each colour is marked with Pantone colour number and ink formulation.

The guides are printed on Text weight paper with uniform ink film thickness for best matching results. The guide includes a lighting indicator in the back of the guide as well as Pantone Colour Manager software which can be downloaded for free to use with all your digital designs and update digital colour libraries. Just choose the desired colours for your project using the Pantone Formula Guide which has coated and uncoated guides for perfect colour matches. The lighting indicator and colours that bleed from two sides also adds to the accuracy. Unique Pantone colour codes and ink formulation guides are included for all 1867 colours. Pantone colour codes are universal and used by printers globally allowing you to communicate your order correctly to a licensed Pantone printer.


  • Two fan-like guides
  • One coated and one uncoated
  • 1867 solid Pantone colours including 112 new Colours
  • Colours printed on Text weight paper and with uniform ink film thickness
  • Includes Pantone unique colour code and ink formulation per colour
  • Chromatically arranged with easy to use index
  • Colours bleed from both exposed sides
  • Includes lighting indicator for added accuracy

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