PANTONE PLUS+ | Metallic Chips Coated

The Pantone metallic colour chips book includes the 301 metallic colours available. Each colour has six tear-out chips which are printed on coated paper. The book allows you to put together a perfect colour palette and it is portable so can be used onsite. Each colour is clearly marked with its Pantone colour code for accuracy when ordering. The Pantone colour codes are recognized and supported by Pantone licensed Ink manufacturers globally.

The Pantone Metallic coated chips come in a portable book format for easy use. The book contains 301 metallic colours with six tear-out chips for each colour printed on coated paper. The colours are clearly marked with the distinctive Pantone colour number and are chromatically arranged making it easy to locate your colour. The included colour Checker which is a Lighting Indicator to assist in lighting evaluation ensures that colour matching is done under the correct lighting conditions.


  • Features 301 colour metallic colours
  • Six tear-out chips for each of the colours
  • Colours are clearly marked with Pantone colour number
  • Includes Pantone color manager software to update colours in design applications
  • Includes lighting indicator tool
  • Printed on coated paper

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