PANTONE Cotton Swatch Library

The Pantone Cotton Swatch library contains 2310 Pantone Fashion, Home, and Interiors Colors which include 210 new color 100% cotton loose-backed cotton swatches. The cotton swatches are 2” x 2” and conveniently chromatically arranged in color families. 32 swatches are in each removable folder for easy viewing and the swatches slide out effortlessly for palette building and visualization. The unbacked color swatches give you accurate viewing.

Once your color palette is selected use the color name and number which is clearly printed on each swatch to place your order for full-sized Cotton Swatches standards. These are sent to multiple production sites around the world for accurate color production. Once done simply slide the color swatches back into their numbered pockets.

The Pantone Cotton Swatch Library is unrivaled as the supreme tool for all that are serious about designing, whether for fashion, interior or other fashion-related markets. The 2310 Pantone Fashion, Home and Interior Colors which include 210 new colors are all chromatically arranged in a seven-binder set. Swatches simply slide out for use in visualization and palette building.


  • 2310 Pantone Fashion, Home, and Interiors Colors which include 210 new colors
  • 100% cotton, 2” x 2” loose backed swatches on non-optically brightened paper for accurate viewing
  • Swatches are in numbered pockets and arranged by color family, individually removable for palette building
  • Each removable folder contains 32 cotton swatches
  • The existing 2100 Pantone Fashion, Home, and Interiors Colors are found in binders 1 – 6
  • The 210 New Colors are located in binder seven and can be purchased separately from Pantone
  • Includes Pantone Color Manager software download for digital designs.

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