PANTONE Cotton Passport

If you are an on the go designer who wants the convenience of carrying your color palette with you then the Pantone Cotton Passport is for you. Take it with you wherever you go, convenient size containing 2310 Pantone Fashion, home, and Interiors Colors and includes 210 new colors. Easily view a large number or all of the the permanently affixed color chips with the accordion format. Finding a color or inspiration to get your creative mind going is just a glance away no matter where you are. The colors are separately labeled with the Pantone color number.

Portable, compact and easy to use while on the go makes the accordion style Pantone Cotton Passport a huge hit amongst mobile designers offering a complete view of all the colors at once. The color chips are each labeled with their unique Pantone color number. The Pantone color numbers are recognized and understood throughout the world so you are guaranteed color consistency and accuracy in color production. As an added bonus you have access to all the Pantone color libraries to use when doing digital designs thanks to the Pantone Color Manager software download.


  • 210 new colors included in the 2310 Pantone Fashion, home, and Interiors Colors
  • Convenient accordion style for viewing all the colors at once
  • Colors are chromatically sorted and permanently affixed
  • Color chips are 100% cotton and marked with Pantone Color number
  • Single –color separation mask for enhanced color viewing
  • Pantone Color Manager software download included
  • Portable with textured folio cover

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